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I work well at private parties, bringing a cultivated ability to loosen the mood of any room with classic cover tunes, toe-tapping’ originals, an easy-going personality, and off-the-cuff humor. I like to have a good time and get the party going. I love when people dance and I always try to get people up and dancing.

Restaurants & Bars

I enjoy playing inside of restaurants and bars, but I really thrive on patios during the spring and summer months, entertaining patrons with observational improv songs made up on the spot, classy cover songs and some of my own originals.  I do a great job at keeping guests entertained and hanging out, eating and drinking even after happy hour is over. I love to talk and interact with people, build rapport and get to know the guests.

all Other gigs

I am open to playing a gig anywhere your heart desires; in a park, in a treehouse, in a … house, a barn, outside, inside, in a stadium, on a moving flatbed, in your backyard, at the pool, on a rooftop… you name it. We’ll work something out : )

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